Free Lecture: New Drug Discovery

Rebecca Anderson, Ph.D.

Freelance Writer

Author of Career Opportunities in Clinical Drug Research

 Free Lecture

Finding New Drugs: The Path from Test Tube to the Pharmacy


Current industry statistics estimate that it takes fifteen years and nearly $1 billion to bring a new drug to market, but most consumers are unaware—and even skeptical—of the extensive efforts involved in finding and successfully developing these products. This presentation looks inside the black box, sharing an insider’s view of pharmaceutical research and development and answering several commonly asked questions: Where does a chemist get ideas for synthesizing an innovative drug? Why are animals still used in drug research? Why can’t scientists and clinicians work faster? And why can’t they do their job better and cheaper? In the course of describing the drug development activities, this presentation will highlight the range of chemistry sub-specialties employed in moving a drug from the lab bench to the pharmacy shelf.

Chair-Elect Nanin Van Draanen and Speaker Rebecca Anderson

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