“Nanotechnology: The Smallest BIG Idea in Science” Illustrated Poem Contest

As part of National Chemistry Week activities, the American Chemical Society sponsored an illustrated poem  contest for students K-12. All poems were to be no more than 40 words in various styles: haiku, limerick, ode, ABC poem, free verse, end rhyme, or blank verse. Entries were judged based upon relevance to and incorporation of the NCW theme, word choice and imagery, colorful artwork, adherence to poem style, originality and creativity, and overall presentation.

Our NCW section coordinator and poetry contest judge, Lara Baxley, reached out to local schools, inviting their students to submit poems. She received entries for the 3rd-5th grade and the 6th-8th grade categories.

The Poetry Contest winners, with links to the winning poems are as follows:

6th-8th grade poetry contest – 1st place winner – Isaac Epstein of Cayucos

6th-8th grade poetry contest – 2nd place winner – Victoria Friedrich of Santa Maria

3rd-5th grade poetry contest – 1st place winner – Valerie Best of Creston

Thank you to to all of the students who submitted poems and congratulations to our local winners!