Chair’s Letter

Dear California Los Padres Section ACS Members:

Most of you will receive your ballot electronically.  Thank you for not only being green, but for saving the section money on mailing.  We have literally saved hundreds of dollars on mail costs this year, and this money (and the rest of your dues) has been put to good use.  If you do not get our mailings electronically and would like to, all you have to do is supply your e-mail address on your membership profile at

The Executive Committee has been working hard on your behalf this year, and lots of good things have happened.  We sponsored a number of student activities:

  • Ÿ A talk by Rebecca Anderson on careers in the pharmaceutical industry at Cal Poly.
  • Ÿ The local Chemistry Olympiad competition followed by a talk on the periodic table by Eric Scerri.
  • Ÿ Travel awards for students at Cal Poly and UCSB who attended the National Meeting in Anaheim last spring.
  • Ÿ A pizza party for CSU Channel Island Chemistry Club’s Student Section Ratification.
  • Ÿ Lunch for a session of the graduate student speaker series at UCSB.
  • Ÿ National Chemistry Week activities put on by Cal Poly and Westmont College Chemistry Clubs.
  • Members of the Executive Committee also organized great events and talks:
  • Ÿ A talk on the history of the local oil industry and tour of Oil Museum in Santa Paula.
  • Ÿ A wine social at Kunin Vineyards and talk on wine production by Seth Kunin.
  • Ÿ The annual Fifty Year Member banquet with a talk by Prof. Peter Ford on New Adventure in Biomass Conversion to Chemicals and Fuels.

We still have the Wine Tasting event on December 1 at Talley Vineyards, which is a great place to meet local members and make new contacts.  More Information will be coming shortly.

I invite you all to participate in our activities.  You can find out more about the activities and us at  You can also friend us on Facebook as California Los Padres ACS to catch up on all the happenings.  If you have any ideas as to events you’d like us to sponsor, please let us know. Contact us through our web site.

I personally would like to thank all the members of the Executive committee for their hard work.  Each and every one of them pitched in to carry the load.  Many of them have been doing this for years.  We can always use more help, so volunteer if you can.

Al Censullo, our Councilor, headed up our nominating again this year and put together an excellent slate of candidates.  Please take a moment and vote.  We need to receive all votes by December 1, 2012.

In closing, it has been a pleasure serving you.  Nanine Van Draanen, who is already hard at work for next year, will be your new section Chair.  I’m certain that it will be an exciting and action packed year.


Curtis A Musser

2012 Section Chair