2016 Pi Day Public Policy Seminar

Beyond Science Communication: What does it mean to engage with decision-makers? 

Join us for our fourth annual Pi Day Public Policy Seminar on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 at 7:oo pm!   Dr. Ryan Meyer, our speaker, is a senior scientist at California Ocean Science Trust, a boundary organization that works with government, science, and communities to build trust and understanding in ocean and coastal science. He has worked with the Earth Institute at Columbia University; the Consortium for Science, Policy, and Outcomes in Arizona and Washington DC; and a variety of user-oriented research teams in Australia. Ryan is a former Fulbright Scholar, and co-editor of Climate In Context: Science and Society Partnering for Adaptation, due for release in April.   

What:  2016 Pi Day Public Policy Lecture

When:  Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 at 7:00 pm

Where:  Baker Center for Science (Building 180), Room 362, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo  Campus Map




Much of the discourse around making a difference through science focuses on effective communication, and advocacy for change. These things are important, but communication is not the only relevant skill, and advocacy is not the only entry-point. Focusing on them alone is to misread some of the fundamental challenges of making knowledge useful. This talk will explore what it means and what it takes to collaborate with decision makers. There are many different ways that scientists can become involved with decision-making, and make a real difference with their work. Especially in a place like California where there is a long history of cutting edge environmental policy, and ample political will, scientists who want not only to be relevant, but also useful, can find ways to participate. 

Download the event flyer here.